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Rogue Leader Status Page

This page used to be the page where I tried to be as cool as MarFon in this Star Wars game.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

January 01, 2002 -- This is from like a week ago, but I just now got around to posting it. I now have 1 gold medal, 10 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, and a few power ups (4, I think). I've been playing other games like SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee) and Extreme G-3 Racing (XG3). That's all for now.

December 23, 2001 -- (Supplemental) My last entry was before I slept, but after midnight. I got a few more things. Now I have 1 gold medal, 9 silver medals, 2 bronze medals, and a few power ups (4, I think). I did try to get some screenshots but my Sony Handycam wont record from a video feed for some reason. It makes me wonder why they even have a "Record" button on it!

December 23, 2001 -- Although this is the first installment, I've already beaten the game. My only purposes here are to provide screenshots and updates. What do I have, you say? Well I don't have proof yet, but I have made quite an accomplishment! No, seriously! Ok, fine don't believe me, but I tell you that I have 1 gold medal, 8 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, and a few power ups (3, I think).Also I have unlocked the TIE Fighter, 2 bonus missions, the video Documentary, the Art Gallery, and the Audio Commentary. PROOF IS COMING