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August 21, 2010 Ah, August twenty-one twenty ten. That's 21, 2010 for those who didn't catch it at first. It's hard to believe the world has not yet come to an end. I mean, with all of the predictions and warning signs, you would think someone would have been right by now. But they were wrong. And the current predictions are probably wrong, too. And if you subscribe to any particular brand (2012 anyone?), you may want to take a look at the statistical probability of your theory du jour coming to pass, and then take a moment to consider how much you will invest in subscribing to it. Then, while you are considering, take a gander over on the new page called Standard Excellence. Currently it is in blog format, which I do not particularly desire, but as time moves on and I add more content, I will have the freedom to change its format. The basic premise will stay the same, and I always appreciate feedback in order to improve the work.
June 10, 2010 Greetings, faithful visitors of this humble domain. Methinks it is time for a huge redesign, possibly an abandonment entirely of the current layout and content. Stand by (or sit by, if you prefer) for future announcements and updates. End transmission.
July 29, 2008 Good evening, and thank you for having me on tonight. And yes, it is true, I was blogging before blog was a word. Very proud of that, as you may be able to tell. Anyhow, since blogging became popular, I have apparently quit doing it so much... ironic. I was never one to "go with the flow" for too long. News update (since this is the news section): I am now a singer in my church choir. That may not be a major life accomplishment, but I'm excited about it and couldn't be happier. At least I haven't been this happy in quite some time; there's peace and contentment in knowing that you are in the Lord's will, no matter how dark your circumstances. If you care, you may check out some information about my new church. You'll find that they preach THE BIBLE. They teach THE BIBLE, and they run their ministry the way it used to be done; I'm very happy to be a part of the church family. Additionally, for those who inquire, the Mac is doing very well, still impressing me and my friends on a semi-regular basis.
May 31, 2008 Too much history has happened to report the news. Here's the status, then. My current projects include shutting down Bible colleges, revealing apostates, changing careers, and doing laundry. It seems that you can never avoid the laundry business. Every time I wear clothes they get dirty. I also have to wash my car quite frequently, which is done with pleasure but I usually procrastinate before I actually clean it. Other than that, this old javascriptin' HTML-chattin' High-School-Grad computer geek got himself a Mac. I also got an idea: have some sort of functional use for my website... more coming soon.

If you want to get in touch with me and don't already know how for some reason, I can be found on the IRCtoo network under the name Ultimation.
I also visit such servers as DALnet and DarkMyst.
All above information pending re-statement for current correctness. My apologies for any inconsistencies.