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News Archives

I will put all 'old' news here. As of NOW, 'old' is defined as 2003 and before.

August 27, 2004 -- First: today is my last day home before I head back to the school :(. It's just after 1am and I'm getting tired. I wrote a poem last night, which can be viewed here. I really like the poem, mostly because I wrote it, it relates to my life, and I know what it means. It is a song, and the rhythm pattern/scansion might be hard to interpret without hearing the music that I alone know. I got an eye exam today; My vision has gone from 20/10 in both eyes to 20/25 and near-sighted. I also got my blood sugar taken for the first time today, which was a larger cut that I had imagined it would be.. speaking of larger: my pupils were dialated beyond belief from the drops they gave me. I like disposable sunglasses now, though.... It's fun to mess with people while wearing them, but wearing prescription glasses hopefully will soon make me feel more comfortable. After all, they are free when your mom has insurance -- I get to be on the insurance plan of my parents as long as I am in college (which I won't start until next year) as a full-time student. Thursday is my new favourite band, and you should obsess yourself as well. This may be the last, or next to last update before I leave. I will definately update next time I come home, which should be Christmas time. If anyone still goes to this page, I bless your soul... actually I don't have that power, but I would if I could.
August 26, 2004 -- [Complementary Entry] -- A new beginning is always accompanied by its previous ending. Thus is the case in my life. If you don't know of what I speak, you may not ever know, until I write my book, which I am now so determined to write. It is something obvouis if you have used IRC and/or known who I am for more than a year. Needless to say, my life has just been shaken again, and in something more dire and sober than my devastation of being sent to a place completely against my will at first. I know I'll learn from this, and better still is to come, but emotion is a powerful lifeform, and this entity has respect for its sometimes parasitic, sometimes symbionic self. I am going to halt for now, but I may expand this later, if time allows before I go back to the school (on Saturday). I am 2 weeks from graduating high school, and I will stay on as a staff member for up to a year. I shall return home once or twice before I come back for good, assuming I don't decide to stay for good or longer (Heaven forbid!).
August 26, 2004 -- Allow me to clear my digital throat, it has been over a year since I have updated the news. To fill in what has happened, this time last year... closer to October, my parents found out that I smoked pot. They grounded me, and I thus rebelled. I rebelled to the point that they started looking into "extreme measures" so to speak, and they found out about Agapé Boarding School. Yes, it is a Christian school, but no, they do not have a country club atmosphere. It isn't the most pleasant place to be, but you learn a lot, and it changes lives. People who were 14-year-old dropouts, heroin addicts, gang members, and/or more are often now high school graduates, college students, and responsible members of society. It is extremely strict, mostly due to stupid decisions from students who abused freedoms, so now there are almost no freedoms there. You get used to it after a while, but if you do well in the program you gain trust, priveleges, and consequently responsibilities as well. Don't assume from the website that this is a happy place; most people become angry and bitter, and do not let the program change their lives. If you accept where you are, and the fact that you can't do anything about it, everything becomes much more smooth, and you can start to grow. I realize most of my "viewers" -- that is if I still have any -- do not share my religious beliefs (in fact, neither did I this time last year), but God really does work miracles in lives through this place. I have many factors that I found out gradually about my being sent there to the point there is no doubt in my mind as to the obviousness of God's will being poured out in my life and many people's lives. I was losing faith in God and Christianity before I was sent there; now, however, I have a solid Biblical foundation, I know why I believe what I believe, and this is evidenced in my life and many other people's. Whether or not you agree with what I, and many people with similar stories, believe, you can't deny that there has been a change in my life, and it wasn't anything I did under my own power. Call it what you will -- my job isn't to convert you, it's only to "show you the door" to quote a... recent trilogy in the box office -- but my life has been changed by something other than myself, and things are different now.
July 29, 2003 -- Firstly, sorry for not truly updating in a week or so. I updated, but forgot to upload to Tripod, so obviously, for more reasons than one, the site has not been anew in aweek. I am so glad I got that off my chest. A few days ago I watched the new James Bond DVD (Die Another Day) and realized for the first time that the new Q, John Cleese, is who he actually is. Mr. Cleese used to star in Monty Python's Flying Circus, and several of their movies. I think he fits the part very well, and I'm glad he is still as sensational as ever. This week (and part of next) is Theatre Workshop summer 2003. We get the priveledge of auditioning for the school's fall show, the instruction of both acting and dance, and many more attractions. Especially the dance. Especially the dance. Before you start thinking I screwed up there, I actually did mean to say "attractions" and not "things" -- I don't screw up. The dance is harder for me (I think) this year than it was last year, which was my first complicated dance to learn. The problem is not a learning curve, a coordination problem, or a lack of attention. The problem is that you must act as an experienced dancer who can push the limits of how fast is humanly possible. It is like Hell, except it isn't very hot. Also there is not a lake of fire, we just have an orchestra pit. I won't exaggerate any more because this is a lengthly "news update" as it is. School starts next Thursday. Someone shoot me. I would kill to fake a high school diploma, or get a real GED and start going to college. My school is terrible, there are maybe 100 decent people in the more than 2,000 pupils that attend this school on work days for 180 days a year [in this state]. Oh, my dad suggested me buying a laptop the other day, so when I have a job I think he might help out on the payment a little.
July 24, 2003 -- I have some advice. Do not reformat the wrong hard drive when you are installing an OS. I know this may sound very elementary, but it can happen to even intelligent individuals such as myself. Okay, so maybe I'm just stupid -- you see, primary MASTER is /dev/hda, and primary SLAVE is /dev/hdb. I know this, but loosely following an install guide for GenToo Linux, which only talks about hda, I accidently typed that in when I MEANT hdb. So, anyways, I had a house-sitting job this past weekend, which was lots of fun because it gave me a chance to get away from my parents for 3 days. I had to take care of 2 dogs, a cat, and a huge-ass garden that took about an hour to water every morning. However, the pay was good, considering it was my grandmother and aunt's house, and they <3 me. In conclusion, you should visit Wil Wheaton Dot Net. I don't need to tell you why, and if you don't know who Wil Wheaton is, you should DEFINATELY go there. Have fun.
July 09, 2003 -- Hello, this is Ulti M80 reporting on location from Starbucks. In the past week, much has happened of notable calibur. I got a new 20GB HDD from Xboxdood. Thank you, xboxdood. I will be getting a Linux distro known as GenToo very soon -- just as soon as kyle decides to burn the CD for me, ever so gratiously. Later I will reformat my C:\ drive and place the Windows XP Pro OS on it. Sonication has come a considerable amount forward in the past week or so. He is now in version 0.33, although only one onehunderedth of a version greater, much has happened in this time. He now has an identification and registration system and many more features/optimizations. I have laid the groundworks for a future ability of Sonic to posess basic artificial intelligence. I will accomplish this through means not yet clear to me. This will likely involve a programming language of sufficient potential to re-code Sonic in, without losing the "style" of him that exists. More info will be posted on the IRC Page.
July 01, 2003 -- I'm at Starbucks right now, and interestingly enough, I don't own a laptop computer. Yes, that's right, I brought my entire computer -- monitor, keyboard, speakers and all -- up to Starbucks. Luckily, I live in a non-downtown area and know the employees very well so they don't mind. I've been working on Sonication again. He is becoming closer and closer to being able to remember things about people and establish relationships with them. Also, I'm working on an identification system for him.
I sold some games to GameStop today for store credit so I could either get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, or The Sims Online for my PC. I could have got TSO with the credit I attained today, but I wanted the "Character Edition" which comes with 3 free months, and some various collectables. It turns out that you need a credit card just to register, and I owe my parents money, so let's not go there; shan't we? I will return tomorrow with about 10$ cash to compensate for the lack of credit to commence the transaction of GTA:VC. In other news (like the real world, for example), Chante Mallard was convicted today of Murder and Tampering with Evidence. The murder charge is not Capital, and the sentance will most likely be revealed tomorrow.
Cheetos are good. It turns out that I had to drive out to Irving (about 15 minutes of a drive each way) just to find out that a store doesn't buy used bycicles. Oh well, it figures something like this would happen. I have discovered the magic of vitamins and herbs. They will all help all sorts of things, especially Alfalfa and Vitamin B. I'm going to take a calcium and vitamin b supplement regularly now, and see if I can find any change. Also, I have decided that I wish to live beyond 100 years -- and it may be possible in my lifetime, with what medical advances are sure to come!
Before I say anything else, I want to formally apologise to Kyle for bugging him at work two days in a row. Don't worry -- I have things to do tomorrow. Everyone should get electrical tape, you can do almost as much with it as you can with duct tape! Also, it is typically less expensive. I have Defensive Driving tomorrow bright and early at 8am. Sadly, it lasts until 2:30pm with a 30 minute break at some point. The sadder part is that most of the people will leave that place worse drivers than they were when they came because it's too much information to absorb. However, my only problem is seeing stop signs in poorly lit conditions at night, so I should be good.
Well, it turns out the camaro (my sister has it temporarily while her car is for sale... I drive her car -- long story...) got a blowout while my sister was driving it on the highway. Amazingly, no one was injured, including my car. We brought it back in town today, and tomorrow I get to take it up to have the tires replaced (they needed it anyways) and the registration renewed. I get to keep it 'till wednesday; yay! In other news, not that anyone cares, I went to Starbucks today. I talked to Chad, who will likely be reading this soon, about various things. Now I am back home so I'll work on the site a little.
I went to a buy/sell/trade movie and video game store today. They have (for the time being) a used box set of Season 1 Yuyu Hakusho for 70$ -- which is the price of 3 used individual ones. I shall capitalize on that, whenever I have some money. I was supposed to go to a paintball thing with my church today, but I thought it was tomorrow, and by the time I realized that, it was too late to go. Oh well, that's 30$ I didn't have to spend. Tomorrow is father's day, what have YOU done to honour that special man? Oh, and I already went to court for my ticket, and I'll just have to take a defensive driving class -- total fund deficit almost exactly 100$ -- and lucky me, there's a place to do that just up the street.
June 13, 2003 -- Today is Friday the 13th. Isn't it unusual that I would pick today to resume my quazi-blog that is Ultimati0n? I compose, you decide. Well, now that we have cleared that issue, let us get on with the updating. I am now thuroughly addicted to an anime series known as Yuyu Hakusho. It comes on Cartoon Network in the daytime, and on the weekends at a later time. Further enthrawling myself into the world of Geek, I have now purchased two (2) DVD volumes of this series, but the next buy will not come until I can afford the box sets, which will save me money in the long run. Three weeks ago school got out, and I (along with some members of my school's theatre dept.) traveled to New York City, New York. It was quite the experience! We saw 3 Broadway shows, and one play with Brent Spiner (Data on Star Trek), Helen Hunt, John Tutorro (sp?), and some other lady. I got to talk to Mr. Spiner, and while we were speaking, a man walked up and asked to take a picture of him. Brent calmly refused, but t he man proceeded to snap a picture of what turned out to be the back side of a program blocking the view of the much lusted after actor. A few moments later, the man snapped another one, this time without blockage, and ran off. We (the small group around Brent) all felt the need to express our disgust of the man towards Mr. Spiner in a subconcious, yet everpresent, attempt to gain importance to the celebrity. Don't I feel important? Webmaster's Log: Supplemental -- Now it is the summer, so I have lots of spare time. I am spending much of this time working on music, stuff in photoshop, and whatnot. This will give me also more time to work on the website, and I hope to make it something that people will enjoy visiting, instead of being a place that I threaten people towards.
January 14, 2003 -- I went to Car Toys today, and planned out what I'm gonna do with my car's system eventually. It snowed the other day..which was cool, but it all dried up the next day. Driving in it was kinda scary though, cause some people don't realize that cars aren't invincible! I can't really think of anything too terribly important to say right now, so let's pretend I did and the-- oh wait, I just thought of something. I've been working on the musical again this year, doing tech again. The bad thing is I didn't make running crew this time and I don't know why which pisses me off more than it would if I knew the reason. Still no word on a court date from the ticket, and I'm hoping it's because they lost their copy of it..

January 01, 2003 -- Happy New Year everyone! Well my new year's eve sucked... I was supposed to be going to a party, but I got bad directions so I never made it. I got to talk to my beloved friends in Michigan (No, not you other beloved friends). I bought a NEW TV! W00t for me, the TV is a 20" flatscreen by Apex Digital. It has 3 RCA inputs (Stereo A/V) and one of those has S-video, also there's a cable/antenna input. Now all I need to do is send a signal from my satellite up to my TV so I can watch it from there! But that sounds like it's gonna be more trouble than it would be maybe not.
December 23, 2002 -- Holy crap it's been a while! Well..what can I say? I got a ticket the other day...for running a stop sign that I didn't see..uh, the insurance was expired at the beginning of this month. Basically I have 2 tickets now. I can get the insurance one dismissed, but I'll have to do some sort of judication on the stop sign one and take a Defensive Driving class. Bottom line -- I'm screwed and out of cash :(

August 06, 2002 -- I had work today...I went to starbucks today. I talked to my friend Jessica at starbucks, she is also in the play. Her character's name is Mrs. Maurrant. We talked about the play and our characters, and then I had to leave for work. My cat just meowed. I just found out that school starts NEXT week, and I thought it was the week after that, so I'm saddened about that.

August 03, 2002 -- Yay! It's now the month of birthday Jenn and me! She's 4 days older than me, and turns 16 on the 24th. * CORRECTION * Being 4 days OLDER than me, she turns 16 on the 16th, not the 24th. * END CORRECTION * Also, on another YAY note, I made the play for this fall. I will play the part of Daniel Buchanan in the play Street Scene. We will preform the play in October, but we start in one week on rehersals and such. I'm getting a digital camera next weekend. The same one that Kyle has, as of now, is what ill be getting. It's a 2.1 megapixel (Olympus, I believe) 300$ish camera. I'll be taking pics of all sorts of things with it, so the Pics section will be growing.

July 27, 2002 -- I burned a cone at work today (forgot about it while getting ready for everything) and SOMEONE forgot to put some of the ingredients in the batter so it smelled really bad all day. I nearly puked =/ . Some weird looking 30ish-year-old came in to the store on rollerblades today. He gave us some sample sandwiches from this new place in the shopping was pretty good so I ate it for dinner :D. Amir0x of DALnet doesn't hate me anymore, but he DOES hate Frozen-Solid. Sorry frozie. I uploaded a pic of JennP; if you were there at the time, sorry for the difficulties getting it up. I might get to see TEH AVALANCHIES (The Avalanches) soon, they're coming to a local club in early August. Soon I shall add some mp3s to my site, of my own renderings.

July 15, 2002 -- Sorry I haven't updated since last month, I have been doing some behind the scenes work, also just been busy. I got a new video card - the ATI Radeon 8500 LE 64MB DDR. Its pretty sweet. Also I'm working on making an ELITE dictionary, for those of you who...well aren't so fortunate ;-).

June 27, 2002 -- I had more to say yesterday, but I figure it's best to spread things out. Now this one is kinda shocking, so prepare yourself if you haven't already heard. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, which reigns over about 11 states, has declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because it has the words "under God" in it. [long pause] ... [/long pause] Now lets think about that for a second. The PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE. Let's break down this pledge into a simple, easy to understand form. "I pledge allegiance" meaning that I promise to be loyal. "to the flag" meaning you pledge to this symbol of everything our nation stands for. "of the United States of America" meaning a unification of individual states who have come together on this wonderful contintent. "and to the Republic for wich it stands" which is more of what the nation stand for, a democratic/republic society where we make our own decisions. "one nation" - more unification. "under God" meaning we are blessed by this wonderful Lord who we have founded our nation upon. "indivisible" meaning cannot be devided. "with liberty and justice for all." AMEN to that! Everyone in this nation is granted freedom as long as it doesnt interfere with someone else's freedom. Now what is so bad about that pledge? If you dont believe in God or any god(s), does it really hurt you or offend you to say that? Well if it does, you could just not say the 'under God' part or not say the whole thing if you're REALLY offended. What you DON'T do, however is take the situation to court because your daughter didn't want to say it in school. One person gets offended and ruins it for 11 states, and maybe even more by the time school starts back up. What else can I say? This is Ultimation, reporting.

June 26, 2002 -- Sorry I haven't updated since I got back from youth camp, I've been busy. I actually have news to report today. The RIAA has enacted a bill forcing online radio stations to pay royalties to the RIAA, with varying costs depending on how many listeners they have and how long they listen. There are many popular online stations such as SomaFM who are now completely shut down because of the RIAA's plan for royalties. In many cases, the websites would have to pay more than 200% of their income in order to meet the RIAA's demands. How can they force this you ask? Well they passed a law with congress. You can read more about it at the SomaFM website. What can you do about it? You can Save Internet Radio by contacting your local representative and requesting a change of the law. That's all for now, I'm Ulti reporting.

June 02, 2002 -- I've made a few changes to the site, I updated the News Archives with the month of January, and next month I'll take out February, and so on and so forth. Also, I added 2 pictures from the night of Theatre Banquet to the Pictures page, so you can see some more recent pictures of yours half-truly. Tomorrow I leave for youth camp so this will be my last news post/site update for about a week. So until then, Goodbye, Adiós, Au Revoir, Sayoonara, Sayoonara, Ciao, Fahrvergnügen, Ching Ching...........

June 01, 2002 -- Summer is in full strong now, and I got my first paycheck yesterday from work. I celebrated by buying Burnout, and a new Memroy Card for my Gamecube. And on a sadder note, my parents found out about me changing my grades on my report card (via Photoshop) so now I don't get to get broadband internet (DSL with Southwestern Bell), meaning sorry MarFon, but we don't get to be ADSL buddies :-/. Back to a lighter note, there is a new FAKE vid of burning a gamecube game out, but I figured out how it was done, and I shall make my own vid when I get back from youth camp with my church, which will be next week. Time to go, gotta rest up for church in the morning, then I have to pack for camp.

May 19, 2002 -- I had theatre banquet last night (actually it was the 17th, but i havent gone to sleep yet). It was lots of fun, but the downside is that my date is 'going out' with this other guy so we just went as friends. But I like HER so it sucks for me. After the eating/slide show stuff, which was pretty funny--considering i caught a napkin on fire by accident--but anyways, we started dancing to some pretty good music. It started out slow (not the music, the dancing crowd) but worked its way upwards. I ended up being 'a' center of attention a few times, us theatre peepz is crazy. is coming up! Stay tuned for updates as I get some. Also, on a side note, I get out of school on Thursday, so I'm gonna change some things on this site, as I've hinted at before.

May 11, 2002 -- News Flash: Xbox has been pirated, and the #Xbox chan on DalNET IRC is now serving. They say that now that its been pirated more people will buy the xbox and microsoft will make more money. They say the only people that will lose out are the developers. Little do they know that when people buy the xbox, M$ loses money, and the only revenue comes FROM the developers. Only 1.5 more weeks left in school for me! Also, I got a job up at Marble Slab. It's an ice cream place, and I thought it was a nationwide chain, but nobody seems to know what it is. I start at 5.80$ an hour on thursday. My job is "Cone Maker" so apparantly Marble Slab makes their own cones. By the way, if you're visiting NCubeXtreme be sure to join the forums. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!

May 04, 2002 -- NCubeXtreme is now located at and there are some changes to it. It's working up to be a great site, and I'm doing reviews for it. Also, on May 3 (that's yesterday) the Cube launched in Europe. They changed the abbreviation to NGC for them...those lucky bastards... Ahem! Sorry, where was I? Oh, well I got a PS2 and NFL2K2 and GTA3. GTA3 is great! Only thing bad about it is how buggy the PS2 is. Mine actually broke so I had to borrow my friend's for a few days. I gotta get in touch with Sony now. This really sucks, but I can wait. And lastly, be looking for a good revision and a new purpose for this site coming sometime soon.

April 16, 2002 -- I found this hillarious picture on some website at school where I am now. THIS will take you there. If your name is Osama, I apologize in advance for this picture. Everyone else, enjoy! I'm working in Photoshop and I should have more pictures like the Burn_GC one(hopefully better than that) sometime soon. Also, I tried marijuana for the first time. It was very mind opening. I don't plan on doing it alot though. So BACK OFF I'm not a pothead!

April 04, 2002 -- Sorry I haven't updated news lately. I know you're all just begging for more! Anyways...I've decided not to put up "proof" for RL since 1st of all my score isnt that impressive and 2nd of all I AM Lazy. I got AOp'd in probably already know that if you are viewing this page. I moved news from last year and the RL stuff to other pages. I got my braces off, and it turns out I have some cavities. The thing is, I've seen these "spots" on my teeth for quite a while now. It turns out that they are cavities, even though I didn't know it, but THE THING IS is that a professional dentist and orthodontist didn't know that I had these! Further proving my point that they are evil. I got 2 of them filled today...oh sweet nitrus.

February 28, 2002 -- I made a new poll. Also, Xbox Japan launch figures are out. 123,000 in the first 3 days out of 250,000 shipped at launch. That's about what we expected. Stay tuned for more heart pumping action as the Xbox nears that magic number of 250k!

February 25, 2002 -- Sorry I haven't updated recently...I've been rather busy. I added a new page, and you can get there here. Right now it's just a picture of Link..a rumored item. Just go there; you'll see. (The Wizard of Oz is over.)

January 07, 2002 -- Happy New Year! School is back already and I have tech going on for The Wizard of OZ (my school's musical) so I won't be updating too much. I do plan on making a seperate page for Rogue Leader updates..maybe I'll include SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee) in there, too. I GOT SHENMUE II!!! I'm so excited. The game is pretty fun. I had forgotten some of the controls so an interesting thing happened. My bag got stolen and I found who did it, so I took off running after the guy. It goes into the interactive FMV, like in the first Shenmue, but I tried to use the analog stick for dodging things..the guy got away. But instead of letting me replay it like you got to in Shenmue, I had to go on and find him again. I learned from my mistake, but I had to beat up some guys. I recommend this game from what I've played so far.
December 23, 2001 -- First news update. Ok, here's what my site is going to be. I'm going to have stuff about the Rogue Leader and just the Gamecube in general. I'm going to have some screenshots up pretty soon so you can see just how good I am! :-P Aaaaanyways, I'll also put up some logs of IRC chats if anything interesting happens. While we're talking about IRC, I'll go ahead and tell you that me and Tyrion (from IRC) are making a bot and HE (yes you heard me right, HE) will be somewhat intelligent. Ok let's see...what else was I going to blindly promise to put here...? Oh yes, the news section will have all sorts of things. If you get lucky I might even say something about little old you in here. That's all for now, folks.