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Computer Hardware Mod: Hard Drive...

Okay, so installing a hard drive isn't exactly a 'mod' per-sa, but what else am I going to put on this site? Well, now that you don't have a good answer, let's get on with the work. First, we must establish the look of my computer, so that you can have a better idea of just what it's like working with this computer.
Well, as you can see, I run a Dell something or another. Now that you have seen the "case", as I call it, let us move on to what has taken place inside. Look below and you will see two hard drives in their respective bays. The one on the bottom is the one which came with the computer. The one on top is a 20GB Western Digital drive, being the same capacity as the Dell one. Being a stand-alone drive, my friend Dusten (who gave me the HDD for a mere two drinks at Starbucks -- thanks, Dusten!) and I altered the jumper settings on the two drives to make one a master and the other its noble suject, dubbed, the "Slave".
After successfully installing the hardware, it was time to boot up and make sure it was all working. I went in to "My Computer" and did not see the drive. The Device Manager recognized the drive so I knew we must have done something right. It was time to take Dusten home, so I did, but when I got to my home, I inserted a general Western Digital boot disc I just happened to have laying around and reformatted the drive. This fixed the problem and now the drive is functional. However, I will be installing GenToo Linux on it very soon, which means reformatting and partitioning.