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Microsoft Mouse Modification: LED Light

Well I got this idea from visiting some website that I will link to from here whenever I get the motive to click on my favorites list and find the URL. Here is a picture of the supplies I used to produce this mod.

Ok, so I drilled a hole just big enough to fit the LED inside, took some resistors (to keep from busting the LED) and soldered them on. Where did I solder the connections? Well, after spending a good hour trying to figure out where the +5V wire led to on the microchip, then applying the wires and testing, I realized I had wasted my time. So I just tried different spots and found the best place to solder them on. Now when you move the scrollwheel, the light will go on or off. (It's kinda like a toggle.... I'm not sure why it does it this way, but who cares?!)