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10" 100w Subwoofer
Apex TV This is my new 20" flatscreen TV from Apex Digital. It has a front stereo audio/video input, along with 2 more alike on the back and an S-video input as well. It can recieve TV stations through an antenna or cable box, just like almost every TV.
JennPrower Here is the most commonly used picture of JennPrower - despite her uncontrolable anger towards the camera at helm.
Yes, I am upside down. This picture isn't quite an accurate representation of me now. Look below and be in awe.
Surfin' Safari This is a picture of me taken towards the end of the 2003 school year. My hair is a little bit longer now, but this is very close to how I am now. Aren't I cute?
Ahem.. excuse me for that. Perhaps a 5-year update would be more appropriate (to the right). Now, I had to wear a disguise so that nobody could guess who I am....
Soon coming this is..