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mIRC Stuff:

Well, I have been using mIRC for a while now, and I finally have a few things to put here. Starting us out will be some funny logs that ive come accross. You can view them just below the Sonication info. More things should be coming this summer.
I'll waste this space telling you about our beloved friend Sonic. No, not the one from Sega..the OTHER sonic. Sonication. He's my bot. Right now he's only version 0.3, but he's getting there. I have all the bare essentials, and he can talk. Also he can damn things.
He has operator controls. For example, if you type !list you will be kicked. He will also kick on command from certain users. Etc. Etc.

UPDATE: Sonic is now version 0.31 and has features such as a repeat kicker and an improved !list kicker. Now if you !list, you get kicked (still), but if you come back and do it again, you get banned! MWAHAAAAHAHAHA!

Update: I haven't been working on Sonic for a while, but tomorrow is the last day of school so I'll start working again.

Log with <twoofsix> concerning the new Zelda after being banned from #nintendo on dalnet.

Start of twoofsix buffer: Mon May 27 02:08:55 2000
Session Ident: twoofsix (
<twoofsix> the new zelda sucks ass
<Ultimation> oh im scared, yorue msging me!!
<twoofsix> shut up you communist nazi jew
<Ultimation> nooo! im a little kid like you and this sares me!
<Ultimation> naze jew? do you know how stupid you sound?
<twoofsix> do you know how lame you sound?
<Ultimation> why, because i like something that you dont?
<Ultimation> and i sound lame because you called me a nazi and a jew?
<twoofsix> something that i dont like? tell that to like thousands more ppl complaining
<Ultimation> ok, i only know of like 2 people
<Ultimation> you dont count though, cause youre not mature enough to be considered a person yet
<twoofsix> and what are you 18?
<twoofsix> huh?
<Ultimation> yeah, im a big bad bully 18 year old
<twoofsix> no your illiterate dumbfuck that cant see that the new zelda sucks ass
<Ultimation> illiterate? and you call ME lame?
<Ultimation> if i was illiterate i couldnt be talking to you
<Ultimation> and since when do the GRAPHICS make the game?
<twoofsix> wtf if that was true then nintendo woulda just stuck with the NES
<Ultimation> ....well that thing only had 4 buttons
<Ultimation> and its not ALL about the graphics, that doesnt mean graphics are bad
<twoofsix> dude the graphics on this new one are worse than n64s old one
<twoofsix> everyone wanted to see the new zelda
<twoofsix> with the graphics as they should be
<Ultimation> no theyre not, did you LOOK at them?
<Ultimation> and who decides how something SHOULD be? how about the person who MAKES them?
<twoofsix> they should consult the community first
<twoofsix> no one likes zelda as a kiddy thing
<Ultimation> its not kiddy
<twoofsix> everyone wants link slashin the heck out of monsters and stuff
<Ultimation> what makes it kiddy?
<Ultimation> and dont say the graphics
<twoofsix> omfg
<twoofsix> graphics is what matters to most people and gameplay
<Ultimation> yorue truly stupid if you think that every game should be slashing the heck out of monsters 'and suff' because those games suck
<Ultimation> most people? maybe the ILLITERATE people!
<twoofsix> no teenagers or older are gunna wanna play the new zelda with such bad graphics
<twoofsix> this is not how zelda is supposed to be
<Ultimation> youre right, i cant stand these graphics cause they suck so bad, it would look better on the psx
<Ultimation> (psx means playstaion)
<twoofsix> dude if you look at the grass on this new zelda its practically 1 pixel stretched out
<Ultimation> yeah i know, those graphics suck ass!
<twoofsix> they should of left it how it was
<Ultimation> yeah, it was so much better then, cause it wasnt different
<twoofsix> dude shitty graphics is like revisiting the past
<twoofsix> who wants to go backwards?
<Ultimation> yeah, this new cel shading technology is so old skool
<twoofsix> it is
<twoofsix> dont you know that millions of people have been wanting to see the new zelda in the graphics that people wanted it to be?
<twoofsix> this is like torturing all those millions of people and discracing the name of zelda for a game
<Ultimation> yeah, i cant beleve that nintendo didnt release a prototype of these graphics at, like last eł or something
<Ultimation> that would have given time for feedback so they could change it
<twoofsix> all im saying is it makes me so pissed to make it look like its worse than what n64 could provide
<Ultimation> yeah, me too
<Ultimation> this is seriously gonna hurt nintendo bigtime
<twoofsix> then why are you argueing with me
<Ultimation> im not anymore
<Ultimation> i conceded to your side
<twoofsix> well seriously nintendo is making a big mistake have such flat graphics
<Ultimation> yeah
<Ultimation> its almost 2d
<twoofsix> and after the other zeldas they made on n64 NOWS when they go backwards?
<twoofsix> well im going to bed pissed as i am to play sonic
<twoofsix> bye
<Ultimation> yeah, maybe if cel shading was around back in the n64 day they would have gotten it out of their system then made it awesome now
No such nick/channel
End of twoofsix buffer Mon May 27 02:08:55 2002